Monday, March 14, 2011

Ten Places I Want To Visit In My Lifetime

For someone whom has never been out of the contiguous United States, this is a lofty list, but this would be ideal for me.

1. The Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas - I have seen a lot about the vacations there and it is AMAZING! Many great aquariums, swimming with marine life, etc, etc... This is definitely number 1 on my list!

2. Italy - There is just some much I love about Italy! Beautiful scenery, wonderful food, and full of history!

3. Egypt - To see all of the history there including several of the pyramids. My son LOVES learning about Egypt and seeing mummies at museums.

4. The Grand Canyon - Believe it or not, I have never been there. It is SO beautiful and majestic.

5. The East Coast of the USA to visit many historical sites from history. These would include places like Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Maryland, and more.

6. The Cherokee Indian Reservation in Oklahoma - I am VERY proud of my Native American Heritage! I have a lot of Cherokee and Choctaw blood in me and as my grandma used to say... a few drops of Shoshone. I would also like to find out where my ancestors were before the Trail of Tears and visit there, too. I'm sure that it would be an overwhelming experience, but would definitely be worth it.

7. Pearl Harbor and Hawaii - I should have visited when my sister and her hubby were stationed there, but I could not afford even the flight then. I'm a very patriotic person and really want to explore Pearl Harbor someday. I would want to check out several of the touristy things in Hawaii like a luau, eat LOTS of fresh pineapple, and experience the beautiful sunsets!

8. Australia - It is such a beautiful country and I can speak the language! ;)

9. An Alaskan Cruise - I have always wanted to go on a cruise. I'm not really into walking on ice or being super cold, but I do love to experience some beautiful scenery!

10. Niagra Falls - I absolutely LOVE waterfalls. This would be the ultimate!

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  1. Awesome list, Stephanie! Those are really breathtaking places. Looking over at some of these places, as well as other bloggers' list of places to visit, I think my list is going to expand to 100 soon :D

    Sorry I could not drop by earlier, but thank you so much for sharing your good things!

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  2. Thanks Nina! At first, it was hard to get past 5 places, then at the end I kept coming up with more. Thanks for hosting this meme! It's a great one!