Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Remembering Darci ~ My Aunt and Victim of The Prospect Killer

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  1. Miss you and your joker smile and all the little things about you it was a very tragic and sad horrific manner in which way you died but you are now watching upon us love you always n forever you will never be forgotten i will keep your memory strong love ya darci

  2. I've always known Darci as "aunt Darci" and while I don't remember meeting her as a baby and I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet my brother I still love them both the same. This was very sweet, I just feel the need to say, her sons name was Robert Andrew Taylor JR.

    1. Thank you for sharing your memories. Yes, you are correct. I just didn't include his whole given name and only the main name our family used for him. Take care!

  3. I knew Darci in high school. She was a very nice person and was loved by many.