Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Would Even Walk 25 Miles...

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  1. Too precious!
    Is Autism and Asperger's Syndrome the same thing? I recently did a post about a girl and how computers are helping these wonderful people communicate. Modern Technology is amazing...changing the way we view others.
    Read on your profile about your grandma passing away...they are such important friends.
    Glad to know you!

  2. Becky Jane - Asperger's Syndrome is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is basically considered a high-functioning autism. Aspergers is kind of a form of autism, but autism is not a form of Aspergers. They do have a lot of similarities.

    People with Aspergers, however, are usually a bit overly verbal and often seen as "Little Professors". Their main deficit is with social skills. Even though they are not completely the same, I definitely feel a connection with moms of children with Autism. Technology is definitely helping with special needs kiddos...and their parents (in relation to support).

    My grandma had kind of taken the place of my mom, too, when my mom suddenly passed away when I was 19. So, it was truly like losing my mom all over again PLUS my grandma. She was so amazing to talk for hours with. She was definitely the main person that I felt totally comfortable talking about ANYTHING with. The first anniversary of her passing away was this last May 13th.

    Thanks for coming by and commenting. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for explaining it to me...hope your weekend is fun!